Events At A Glance

Feb '19

House Information

Arts Center Enterprises, LLC., professionally manages the Mahalia Jackson Theater For The Performing Arts. We strive to bring the finest arts & entertainment events to the Mahalia Jackson Theater. Customer Service is our first priority and to ensure that all of our guests have a pleasant experience, we ask that you please respect the house policies listed below.

Smoking is not permitted in any area of the Mahalia Jackson Theater. Smoking is permitted outside of the two main entrances (ground level near the box office, and outside of the entrance on Mezzanine Level 1).

Cellular Phones & Pagers
As a courtesy to your fellow patrons and in order to maintain the artistic integrity of any performance, please turn off all cellular phones. Pagers need to be placed on the vibrate mode.

Recording Devices & Cameras are not permitted in the theatre.

A Full-Service Bar is offered at all performances. Beverages include wine, beer, soft drinks, mixed drinks, champagne, and water. Candy is also available.

Late Seating
ACE encourages all patrons to arrive to performances on time. Many performances in the Theatres require a seating hold for late arriving patrons. Seating holds will be determined by each production.